To see the sparkle in your love’s eyes when you hear the word, YES
If you’re looking for unique, non-traditional, non-big box engagement and wedding ring style, you’ve come to the right place!

I love love more than anything and I would love to collaborate and create the perfect engagement ring or wedding band for your true love.

My process is easy, fun, and unintimidating.


The Four C's

Know the Four C’s? Don’t know the Four C’s? What’s a “Four C”? I’m here to take the mystery out of it all.
Are you a visual thinker?

A not-so-visual thinker?

A “Hey, do you have a spreadsheet for that” thinker?

It doesn’t matter. I’ll tailor the process to fit your style so you can truly enjoy every morsel of this journey and make it a lot less scary.

It is an honor to be considered to play a small role in your beautifully sacred life event.
Fanfan and I met when i was sent to Haiti to shoot photography and video for a missions trip. He was the translator for my trip! As we got to know each other and then got engaged, we both realized that our relationship was not ordinary or common. SO we needed an engagement ring and wedding rings that matched us!

Fanfan worked with Kirstin to create the most breathtaking, beautiful engagement and wedding rings for us! She added in her magical touches and skill as a jewelry artisan to make sure the ring looked professional. When I saw it I literally gasped. I wanted simple, elegant, something not flashy, but different from alllll the engagment rings I’ve seen.
Kirstin totally delivered.
And not only that, she made sure the rings fit perfectly and did a few adjustments, as she had to almost guess ring size since Fanfan was in Haiti and couldn’t be fitted for the ring.
She is an absolute joy to work with and it’s clear that she loves what she does. It comes through in her artistry and little details. I’m SO proud to say our rings were made from scratch.
Thank you Kirstin for creating something that is completely unique to us, and more than we ever expected!
Julie and Fanfan L.

photo: Sarah Blesener

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