Happy Customers

My necklace came today and it is perfect!  I will def purchase from you again. You are sweet and fun to work with and you quality is top!

Kelly S.

I am still traveling but my son got the mail.  The rings arrived he sent me a pic…I LOVE THEM!!

Thank you sooo much!!!

Michelle M.

I received a beautiful little box yesterday, with a beautiful one of a kind creation inside, made by another beautiful one of a kind creation!! I LOVE it. Cannot imagine taking it off.

Thank you!

I am so proud of each item you have created for me over the years!

Maureen J.


Received my lovely piece of art today!! LOVE

Lisa L.

Thanks so much.  I love your work and get so many compliments on my jewelry from you!!

You have a true gift!  Have a wonderful weekend

Lynette T.

Please let me know your thoughts…

I’m so thrilled that you can pull together this piece for us!

Stori T.

The charm was SPECTACULAR!!!! It turned out better than I had hoped. You are so talented.

I sewed it into the lining near her knee and told her that there was a surprise in the seam about half way through the reception. She found it and was moved to tears. I can’t thank you enough. It really was special.

(A custom hand sawn charm from an image of her daughter’s tattoo that honors her late brother.)

Kim R.

I got the necklaces on the 24th!

Love them.

Thank you for the quick turnaround.

Lisa S.

Thank you!

I cherish my pieces you’ve made for me.


Lori F.

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